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Prednisone patients with type 1 diabetes, insulin therapy is prescribed according to the following scheme: in order to prevent morning and postprandial hyperglycemia, the patient needs at least 2 injections per day. Short or medium insulins are administered before the first breakfast and before the last meal. Combined doses may also be used. The total daily dose must be properly distributed: 2/3 of the total volume is intended for the morning, and 1/3 before dinner. Insulin in the treatment of mental disorders.

  • Most often, insulin in psychiatry is used to treat schizophrenics. In the morning on an empty stomach, the patient is given the first injection.

The initial dose is 4 units. Every day it is increased from 4 to 8 units. This scheme has a feature: on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) injections are not made. At the first stage, therapy is based on keeping the patient in a state of hypoglycemia for about 3 hours. To normalize the level of glucose, the patient is given sweet warm tea, which contains at least 150 grams of sugar. In addition, the patient is offered a carbohydrate-rich breakfast. The level of glucose in the blood gradually returns to normal and the patient returns to normal.


At the second stage of treatment, the dose of the administered drug increases, which is associated with an increase in the degree of the patient's unconsciousness.

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Gradually, the stupor develops into a stupor (oppressed consciousness). Elimination of hypoglycemia begins approximately 20 minutes after the onset of Prednisone development. The patient is brought back to normal with a dropper. He is injected intravenously with 20 ml of a 40% glucose solution. When the patient regains consciousness, he is given sugar syrup (150-200 grams of product per glass of warm water), sweet tea and a hearty breakfast. The third stage of treatment is to continue the daily increase in the dose of insulin, which leads to the development of a condition bordering on stupor and coma. This condition cannot last more than 30 minutes, after which an attack of hypoglycemia should be stopped. The derivation scheme is similar to the previous one, that is, the one used in the second stage.

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Insulin treatment is carried out according to the following plan: Before making a subcutaneous injection, the injection site is slightly kneaded. Eating after the injection should not move more than half an hour. The maximum dose of administration cannot exceed 30 IU.

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How is insulin treatment administered? In each individual case, the exact regimen of insulin therapy should be made by a doctor. Recently, insulin syringe pens have been used for therapy, you can use the usual insulin syringes with a very thin needle. The use of syringe pens is more rational for several reasons: Thanks to a special needle, the pain from the injection is minimized. The convenience of the device allows you to inject anywhere and at any time. Some pens are equipped with vials of insulin, which provides for the possibility of combining drugs and the use of different schemes.

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The components of the insulin regimen for type 1 and type 2 diabetes are as follows: Before breakfast, the patient should enter the drug of short or prolonged action. The insulin injection before dinner should consist of a hormone with a short exposure period. The shot that precedes dinner includes short insulin. Before going to bed, the patient should inject Prednisone drug.

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There are several areas of administration on the human body. The absorption rate of the drug in each zone is different. The stomach is more susceptible to this indicator. If the area for injection is not chosen correctly, insulin therapy may not give positive results. Complications of insulin therapy. Treatment with insulin, like any other, may have contraindications and complications. The appearance of allergic reactions at the injection sites is a vivid example of a complication of insulin therapy.

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Another complication of insulin therapy is lipodystrophy, which is accompanied by the disappearance of the subcutaneous fat layer at the injection site. To avoid this phenomenon, the patient should change the injection site, but only if this does not interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment. National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.